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We are in a time of the greatest global change, the greatest opportunities, and the greatest awakening of our human evolution. We have entered a new paradigm where success in all areas of life emerges from collaboration, sharing, new creativity and restructuring. The old ways no longer work and will continue to fall away leaving us open and ripe for re-birth and re-generation. How exciting! And....how challenging!

For over 35 years, I have asked the questions: why are we here, where did we come from, what is the point of it all, how does it work, what does it mean? I have read hundreds of books; done intensive study, rituals and ceremonies with leading visionaries of our time; visited sacred sites around the world; had numerous enlightened experiences and awakenings; and traveled on pilgrimages for months at a time. I did this for myself. And I did this for all. Today, I offer you tools, new concepts, insights and healing to assist you in stepping into YOUR wholeness and unlocking the unlimited potential within YOU. Let us journey together to co-create new and expanding possibilities for our unfolding evolution.    

Om Shanti,


Karen’s service is to help others see outside the current matrix, beyond the video game and into who they really are, thereby transforming them at a very deep and lasting level. As we consciously and knowingly rise above or enter into a more expanded state of awareness, we enhance our intuition and senses where we can live a more conscious, aligned life. This brings forth our true gifts, our true purpose and fulfills us if we choose to act on this awareness. Her services include:

  1.   Distance Vibrational/Energy Healing

  2.   Human Potential/Transformational Coaching - one-on-one or group coaching

  3.   Salons - evening seminars, weekend retreats, ceremony & ritual events (click here for current list of upcoming events).

  4.   Sacred Travel - Karen can arrange and lead travel to sacred sites for groups

  5.   Labyrinth Facilitation

  6.   Speaking Engagements & Presentations

Labyrinth Facilitation ...

Since walking the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, France in 2005, and thereafter each year to 2011, it has become one of Karen’s favourite tools for prayer, meditation, and manifestation. In 2006, she took the Veriditas Labyrinth Training with Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress, Canon of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Karen now conducts workshops about the labyrinth and uses it in conjunction with various other events. If you’re interested in getting to know the labyrinth or using it with weddings, blessings, healing and other events, please contact her at karen@transcendence.ca for details.

Speaking Engagements, Presentations & Workshops ...

Fun, informative and experiential, Karen is available for speaking engagements, presentations and workshops. She has extensive experience in public speaking and conducting workshops in various environments including both large and small groups. For more information, please contact her at karen@transcendence.ca.

karen@transcendence.ca                403 - 618 - 0632

You’re stuck. Or you’re challenged by others and frustrated. Or you’re on fire but can’t seem to get there. There is something that is keeping you from becoming that better version of yourself. It’s keeping your life, your relationships and your dreams in status-quo instead of flourishing!

Sometimes it can be difficult to see what we are struggling with. Sometimes we know what’s holding us back but we lack the confidence to follow through. Sometimes we just need an unbiased ear to listen as we find our way to the heart of feeling and understanding. Or sometimes we need new eyes to see out-of-the-box. With awareness and support, we can make the shifts we desire that can lead us to a more harmonious, joyful, connected and loving life.

If you’re ready to do the work, Karen offers that listening ear, a balanced heart and deep insight to support you. She is not only educated and skilled in assisting people, but has engaged her own transformation over and over. She knows what it’s like to re-invent yourself time and time again. To let go. To connect with the heart. To evolve. If you’re ready, Karen might be the coach, advisor, cheerleader you need. Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages.

1 - 1 Hour Consultation New Client $120

1 - 1 Hour Consultation Current Client $100

3 - 1 Hour Consultations $280

Please contact Karen for further details, appointments and payment.

Transformational Coaching ...


Distance Healing ...

Do you have a physical, emotional, mental, energetic issue you are trying to resolve? Maybe you suffer from chronic pain or anxiety. You might have an aging parent or child that needs support. Or a pet in distress.

We are all connected and we are all energy vibrating at different frequencies creating different manifestations in our fields and bodies. Experiences in life impact those energy fields and can therefore become ‘unbalanced’ causing dis-ease. Vibrational healing helps a wide range of situations because it doesn’t treat the symptom; it restores balance so you feel better and your system can shift from coping to healing. And distance healing works!

Karen has learned to become a channel for vibrational healing and offers re-balancing to those in need. She can do this no matter where you are, city or country makes no difference. She will always get your permission to engage you, work only for your highest good and provide you with a written follow up. Healing sessions can be purchased individually or in packages.

1 Session $80 CAD

3 Sessions $200 CAD

Please contact Karen for further details, appointments and payment.